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As Egypt is for History - Tanzania is for Nature.  Her vast wilderness is home to a great diversity of wildlife.  It's the ultimate destination for a less crowded discovery. Tanzania is above all, a land of fantastic landscapes, beautiful villages and dozens of tribes with interesting traditions and culture

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SAFARI AND TREK TO GO!                                                                                6 days safari  standard camping (Budget)                                              The best of Northern Tanzania National Parks Circuit;                          MAASAI LAND; HADZABE BUSHMEN AT LAKE EYASI WILDERNESS; LAKE MANYARA  NATIONAL PARK; NGORONGORO CRATER; TARANGIRE NATIONAL PARK AND  THE SERENGETI  NATIONAL PARK.                                                                                 Scheduled Standard Camping  Safari. Affordable yet comfortable.                                     From the green rolling hills of Monduli Maasailand to Lake Eyasi wilderness where the last of the bushmen tribe of Tanzania live. From tree climbing lions of lake Manyara Park to the great wildebeest migration in the endless plains of the Serengeti...  big herds of elephants in Tarangire Park. The endangered black rhinos in the Ngorongoro crater. Verily, Tanzania is a land of superlatives.

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The best of Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing routes;                           MACHAME ROUTE: - 7 DAYS TREK                                                           Scheduled Treks - Affordable adventure.                                                                    Machame route is described as one of the most scenic/beautiful route on this Mountain. You will climb to the Peak through Barafu Camp.                                                                                    An alternative approach to the Peak on this route is through the Arrow Glacier (Western breach).   A directly climb from Shira Plateau. 7 days of trek which requires no previous trekking experience. 5 days of no rush trekking up with an acclimatization day in between, will see you on top of the Highest mountain in Africa.  Uhuru is a Swahili word for freedom. Standing at  UHURU PEAK, the highest point in Africa....with a beautiful sunrise as the day breaks...ooooh yeah!! you've never enjoyed more 'uhuru'  than this! 

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Great value personalized  Itineraries. relaxed,. no military rush!                                     Fully supported safaris and Treks.                                                                                   Small Groups; 5 to 1 Guide ratio. Customized Trips.                                              Spectacular Tanzanian Safaris.     

' When my friends were unable to join me in Tanzania, I was somewhat anxious about our  well-laid plans. I need not have been. To me, Nyika is, indeed, the little Company that could.'  Gregory C. MacCrone - Portland OR US .                                                                  ...follow that smile..

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